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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Slave I Boba Fett and Starfighter

Product Description

 Boba Fett flies his Slave I starfighter to Bespin as he tracks down the Millennium Falcon and a prized bounty: Han Solo. Fett loads the carbonite-frozen Solo onto Slave I, a vessel once used by Jango Fett. The ship is modified with advanced weapons, making it a powerful vessel for capturing bounties and making swift escapes. The Force Awakens that lets kids imagine new galactic maneuvers and space crusades as they battle for ultimate control over a universe of heroes, villains, aliens, and droids! Star Wars figures and vehicles from Hasbro are designed for any number of galactic play combinations, complete with accessories that showcase the epic action of a galaxy far, far away. Includes, vehicle comes with figure, missile, labels, 2 accessories, and instructions.


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